Error since last update

SR updated today and now I’m getting constant error on m Windows 10 install:

2020-07-30 04:12:27 WARNING::RSSCACHE-UPDATER::EXTRATORRENT::Cloudflare captcha challenge or firewall detected, it can’t be bypassed.

System seems to be working fine, just filling my log file.
Any assistance would be appreciated.

I can look at refactoring that to a debug message instead if that makes things any better ?

I’m getting the same error every second, it seems to be really slowing things down.

I’ll resolve this later today

Different issues but started after last update as well. I’m getting the following errors and warnings, with the GUI now running really slowly, and it looks like post processing and updates to shows aren’t being done or noticed by the GUI (i.e. it shows snatched but once the show was downloaded it just sat there for 36 hours with no post and no ‘downloaded’ on the GUI). I’ve done a backup, wipe and clean install, but same issues persist.

SHOWQUEUE-SKI47CY3E2-FORCE-UPDATE::SHOWQUEUE-SKI47CY3E2-FORCE-UPDATE task failed: Multiple rows were found for one()

POSTPROCESSORQUEUE-7YSM5WFENA-AUTO::Unable to determine the free space on your OS.
2020-08-05 00:36:41 POSTPROCESSORQUEUE-7YSM5WFENA-AUTO::Processing failed for D:\Media\TV Shows\American Dad! (2005)\Season 16\American Dad! - S16E14 - Hamerican Dad!.mkv: Unable to post-process an episode if the show dir doesn’t exist, quitting
(this warning/error turns up for all episodes from the root AD folder and resulting tree)

American Dad show folder is in the same media folder as all other shows, and I haven’t changed its name or any other SR settings.

I still get the following on all other show folders though every time the scheduled post time comes round:

POSTPROCESSORQUEUE-7YSM5WFENA-AUTO::Cannot process an episode that’s already been moved to its show dir, skipping D:\Media\TV Shows\Dark (2017)

Can you email a backup to [email protected] please

Actually, can you try the develop branch, it should have a fix for this issue already

Cheers, sent (18.5MB file ish)

Are you able to test develop branch ?

Just saw your other reply - [quote=“echel0n, post:9, topic:2510, full:true”]
Are you able to test develop branch ?

Just saw your other reply - not completely sure how to get onto develop branch, found this URL Python 3 code released to DEVELOP branch on GIT and some other stuff which shows me how to check the branches but not sure what to do from there:

You can actually switch branches from general settings

Found it in the advanced tab - however although it gives me the dropdown box option, whenever I checkout after selecting develop it pushes me back to the misc tab, when I go back into advanced it’s showing master and I’m still getting the same warning.

from command line you can just do git checkout develop then restart SR

So I’m testing with you’re backup and its not even displaying back any shows to me, I can see in the database files there are shows stored, I’m going to take a further look at what is going on.

nvm, was a mistake on my end for why the shows did now appear, still taking a further look now that I can see the shows.

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OK, I was able to track down the problem and fix it, I’ll work on putting together a new release later today.

That’s great thank you.

FYI I reinstalled my system yesterday and right now only have GIT, Python 3.7 and SR on it - downloaded and followed method from the ca forum How to install on Windows instead of through Git this time. Tried adding shows from my media folder, would pop up with the ‘write to disk successful’ and ‘show added’ notifications, but then nothing would happen. Same for manual adds. Only way round it was to upload a backup, which seemed to solve the issue as I was then able to add another show right after.

Also although I have git on the machine, the develop branch can’t be selected as there’s no GIT heading. I tried to add the repository but I might be making a mistake as it’s not working.

I’m still getting a lot of directory warnings :slight_smile:

I did manage to solve the American Dad directory issue though, TMM had somehow decided to rename the directory ever so subtly that I didn’t notice it at first.

Sorry for the long post!