Don't find show / yggtorrent


Yes I can but am currently busy with Python 3 migration code right now.


OK no pb! Meanwhile, could you update py file with please ? Each update provoques connexion trouble (incorrect URL).
Many thanks.



Same issue. madjo1983 told me how to update py files, but at each update I have to do the same and update manually the file. Could you update URL to please ?



I’ll look into custom url for this provider.


And downloads seems not working.


Still hapenning:




ygg torrent not working then…


Same trouble for me, some show are only available on YGG for VOSTFR tv shows…


Any news about last comments ?



sudo nano /opt/sickrage/sickrage/providers/torrent/
remplace hyperlink with
sudo service sickrage restart

should work…


madjo1983 never let it down ! good job ! works for me.

Problem with Yggtorrent

I know you are working on python 3 migration, but there are several troubles with torrent9, ygg & gktorrent:

I have:
2019-05-19 09:48:41 WARNING::SEARCHQUEUE-MANUAL-295760::[Yggtorrent]::Unable to connect or login to provider

Which is wrong as my login & pass has not changed…

I tried many URL’s in vain…


Working again… I had the same issue. Maybe the domain modifications broke the API few days.