Docker runs but stuck on login page


Hello everyone,
I’m having an issue with Binhex-Siskrage docker for Unraid.

The docker has been runnung great for some time but all of a sudden the login page showed up and does not let me proceed after entering my credentials.
I am 100% sure I am using the right password, I use a password manager and I have reset the password multiple times and typed it manually.

What is really odd is that when I give it the right password the page resets like nothing happened, when I knowingly give it the wrong password it gives me the standard incorrect password message.

I have reinstalled the docker and removed local temp files with no luck.
Does anyone know a possible solution to try?


Try using official docker image sickrage/sickrage:latest


I’ll give it a try.
My time is limited tonight so I’ll update with any issues later