*DISCUSSION* - Dropping Python 2 support in favor of Python 3

I’ve started this thread so that others can comment on the switch over from Python 2 to Python 3 for SiCKRAGE.

Official announcement has been made at Dropping Python 2 support in favor of Python 3

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So far so good, I’m now able to run SiCKRAGE on Python 3 and successfully search/download results, of course, this new version will need some extensive testing and will be pushed out alpha allowing you the end-user aid in that.

I’ll be pushing one last python2 release out that’ll have code to help in the migration from python2 to python3, it’ll automatically switch existing installs to the python2 archive branch when the time comes, from there you’re being presented with an option to migrate over to python3 via a one-click button, it’ll also check you’re system to ensure you’re meeting the requirements correctly before it migrates so not to cause any downtime or issues along the way.

This new migration code will remain on the master and dev branches for 1 month before being replaced with python3 so allow time for everyone to be switched over to the archive branch, a site-wide announcement will also be made to inform everyone of the switchover as well.

Keep watching here for further updates :slight_smile:

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I’ve recently pushed new updates to our python 2 branches, these updates improve our backup and restore functions so that the backups created can be restored using the new python 3 app, so far all tests are passing, I’ll be working on automating the migration now so expect a few more updates to be pushed out to the python 2 branches and a beta branch of the new python 3 branch to hit mid-month for testing :slight_smile:


OK, since the database we use CodernityDB has no official Python 3 support I will be dropping it in favour for SQLite, with that said this will extend the release date for beta as I will need time to switch over 100+ lines of code to SQL format, I’ll continue to keep you the public updated on my adventures :slight_smile:

I’ve completed the switch from CodernityDB to SQLite-DB and also changed the way the app encrypts the config data as the previous method was inefficient and problematic, next step is to finish migration code in py2 branches and test to be sure things go smoothly for when I swap over to py3 branch.

As always I’ll continue to keep everyone updated as to the progress of this migration, we are close!