Delayed Python2-python3 upgrade isn't reading show data

I’ve been running the latest python2 version of Sickrage for some time since the cutover, because the system python3 on my server isn’t high enough. Recently (last week) I started getting an error page when I’d try and access Sickrage, so this is when I decided to update to the latest sickrage version.

I have the latest sickrage up and running, and it seems to be reading my most of my configuration information, but it does not seem to have loaded the show db at all, despite me copying over both the ‘databases’ and all the .db. files from the original install into the new data directory.

What files do I need to copy over to get my old configuration into the new installation? As I stated above, the UI of the old install isn’t working (It exits with "AttributeError:exit) so I can’t simply do a backup/restore of the old system, and I’d rather not re-create a very large database from disk again, plus not all my configuration information has carried over.

Thanks for any help you may be able to provide.