Configuration Validation? A lot of shows failing to pull

I have Sabnzb configured with 4 Search providers ( 3 paid ) and 3 services for data ( all paid). I’m still finding a LOT of shows are either corrupt or just failing to be found. Is this normal or is it possible I’ve got something very wrong?
Unsenet-Crawler & NZBGeek at the top, then Dog and All 3 services claim to have 5000+ days retention and I can’t get some shows that are not very obscure.

Rough suggestions?

The problem will be with the usenet newsgroup provider you’re using to download the search results with.

Ok, I’ve got, giganews, and all configured, in that order of priority. Do I need to replace one, change the order, thoughts?

I would place maybe first and see how that goes.

Ok, that seems to have helped on most of the failures. Should I just drop one or two of the others, or leave them as backups? Priorities?

Thoughts on the search providers? Change the order or just drop one, etc? I’m trying to find some things and it just doesn’t find them as far as we can tell, they never appear.

If I use Transmission also, will it auto-clean? I tried it and it just made a massive mess of files and directories and never removed any, but i likely had a really hosed up config, that was when I first tried. i do have NZB and Torrents saving to different directories, so that post-processing doesn’t try to download ( and/or delete ) an active torrent.