Config.ini corruption


After reinstalling entirely my rpi3 because of pip3 corruption, I now have the version migrated to python 3.
As the import of my previous config is not working (breaking sickrage) I tried to reconfigure manually all parameters.

Sickrage is very slow and after an uptate, sickrage does not start. The config.ini is empty…

I wanted to rollback since an old one but as it is not encrypted it does not work.

How can i get back juste a config.ini from git

in folders to try to get sickrage back alive ?


Or getting a non encrytped file to replace from an older version… would be perfect.

Could you please email me you’re config.ini and privatekey.pem to [email protected]


Pushing fix to develop branch, 9.4.194.dev6

What did you do?
Could you send me a config.ini valid please ?
I’m not confortable switching to dev branch, I had to much trouble on the past.

I had to make changes to the migration code inside the app it self, I’m pushing a master release now, simply start with a fresh copy and restore using the backup you sent me and all should be fine, remember you have a Webroot of /sickrage

I’m starting to be tired using sickrage…

Can I restore manually ? Please say yes and tell me how to do…

Of course you can, simply delete all the files from the data folder and just extract you’re backup into it, on startup of SR the migration sequence will begin

I understarnd there is a specific data folder, but the config.ini is in folder /opt/sickrage.
If i delete all data here and copy the files what is inside my zip backup file I guess it ill break everything…

create a folder called restore and unzip the files into there, should work just fine without requiring of deleting of those old files.

OK. Finally did it.

Could you confirm that history is not included in restore procedure ?

Other question, could you explain why there is a folder /home/pi/.sickrage despite the fact that all files are modified in /opt/sickrage ? Just to understand…

Any answer please ? Just to be sure…

At work right now, will follow up later tonight.

What do you mean by history is not included ?

At some point you may have started up the app without specifying a datadir from command line or script
which would of created the .sickrage folder inside the home folder of the user running the app.

OK, then I guess i can delete the .sickrage to avoid confusion on what to backup manually.

For history, I’m talking about download history. When I restored, this table stood empty…

Can you email me the backup you used to restore with ?

You should have received a mail from wetransfer with file.

@echel0n, could you answer please for history ? my guess is that it is not included in backup… just to confirm.

history is included if cache.db file is included in backup