Completely unable to install - Windows 10


I have been trying to install sickrage for 3hours now and I don’t understand why it is so difficult. I have been running it on an older PC for years and I went to setup a new server and cannot get anywhere.

Using the installer causes it to asked me several times for the python 3 directory. After sever attempts (and moving it out of the default appdata folder to root c:) it started to run the script in the installer.

It keeps failing, now at some crypo part??

Even trying to use git to get the master copy does seem to work as I cannot install requirements, just fails.

I tried installing some through pip manually as it gave errors, no dice. Still stuck…
I am incredibly frustrated and I do not know what I am doing wrong.

Made me install C++ build tools to get through one error… ? I have no clue what I am missing anymore.

This process was SO easy last time… Not sure if I will be sticking with sickrage this time and I will be very sad to leave, especially since this should of been a 15 minute job.

Please help.

New machine is running Windows 10.

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same here facing exact error i have installed python3 separately however no success in installing the sickrage on the other hand sonarr installed and ran perfectly can anyone help in installing sickrage

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Could one of you provide the exact error you are having please?

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i, all it does is keeps asking where the Python directory is, despite howmany times you point it to the version 3.+ version you have installed

OK, I’m working on a new Windows installers to resolve this issue, hoping to have it ready and out today.

Brilliant thank you :slight_smile:

So the current issue I see that could be causing the problem is the install gets hung up on installing the cryptography requirement, I’m going to call it a night and hammer back on this tomorrow in the morning, but so far things are coming along with the new installer.

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OK, got past the crypto issue with the installer, now just adding some finishing touches on it, one thing that might be unavoidable is migrating from the old installer engine to the new one unfortunately, this would mean anyone that has previously installed SR using the current Windows installer would need to uninstall first then re-install using the new installer, technically not really a requirement as SR will auto-update it self anyways.

Will keep you posted when I have released this new installer.

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Please try the following new installer for SiCKRAGE and let me know how it goes, thanks!

Any chance there is a Windows installer for 10.0 under development? Eager to switch and try the new bells and whistles.

PS. XML error on the download page for this file. Can’t download the 9.4.223.exe installer.

Should be accessible now, please confirm.

Confirmed. Downloaded the installer. Testing it out now.

Prerequisite is that Python 3.7 be installed? So I guess I can uninstall 3.9?

it will install along side python 3.9 if you have that installed as well, it’ll force SR to use python 3,7 regardless.

So did the installer work for you?

I used it and yes more or less . I needed to install pyopenssl as I access the site through HTTPS though. Would be interesting if you could bundle that into the package for future users but I am guessing it is a bit of an advanced feature.

Actually, I can take a look and see what would be involved, if there’s an installer for it I should be able to bundle it in as a feature to the installer, let me see what can be done.

Actually I’ll do one better, I’m removing the need for OpenSSL all together since its only used to create the HTTPS certificate and key and move that functionality to cryptography since its installed by default, this will be available in the develop branch.

OK, tested and confirmed this new method is working, will push to develop branch shortly.