Can't use mapped drives or mklink cmd

I’m working on upgrading to the latest version, but have the folder structure on another PC (using Windows 10 VMs for Sickrage, Ombi etc). My current setup has a folder on a PC linked to my Sickrage VM using mklink cmd (symbolic link). It worked perfectly well in the prev version, but will not work in new version. I also attempted to map a drive, that is not seen by Sickrage either. Any suggestions?

You could modify the user the SiCKRAGE Windows service runs as to be the user that has access to the mapped drive or symbolic link, you could even create a user and give that user access and then have SR run as that user, let me know if that solves the issue for you please.

Thanks friend, that’s exactly what the issue was. Love the app, appreciate the work you’ve put into this to keep it going.

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