Can't Change Secure Control / HTTPS Settings for NZBGet

Hi there,

I am trying to configure NZBGet in SR to use Secure Control / HTTPS. I believe I have it all configured properly in NZBGet and can access it from https now but for some reason, SickRage is refusing to keep the setting enabled and also, won’t keep the value in the host:port field prepended with https://. Is there something I am missing here?

i’ll need to check the code and get back to you on this

I can confirm this is a bug, I’m working on a fix now for this.

alright, I have found and fixed the issue, was just something simple in the html templating code that was preventing those particular settings from acting correctly, it’ll be out in the next release.

Just checking if you identified the integration with NZBGet issue that is preventing NZBs from being handed off directly from SickRage to NZBGet? I worked around it by putting all NZBs into the blackhole but would prefer to be able to set priotiries, etc. with the direct integration. Not at all a priority of course when compared to a cluster migration etc. but was just curious if it made the cut into a forthcoming release. Thanks for everything!