Can't Change Secure Control / HTTPS Settings for NZBGet

Hi there,

I am trying to configure NZBGet in SR to use Secure Control / HTTPS. I believe I have it all configured properly in NZBGet and can access it from https now but for some reason, SickRage is refusing to keep the setting enabled and also, won’t keep the value in the host:port field prepended with https://. Is there something I am missing here?

i’ll need to check the code and get back to you on this

I can confirm this is a bug, I’m working on a fix now for this.

alright, I have found and fixed the issue, was just something simple in the html templating code that was preventing those particular settings from acting correctly, it’ll be out in the next release.

k, fix is now out on latest master

Can you release Windows installer?

Nevermind, found it in update application settings.

Updated to .70.1. Reconfigured to connect directly with NZBGet instead of blackhole. Not working now. Any chance you can implement a test connection button that indicates whether the connection with NZBGet is properly configured?

ok, let me check this later today and see whats going wrong with it, all I did was fix the code for it not allowing to enter the info, i’ll need to further test if its connecting properly, how is your nzbget setup for connection?

I’ve got NZBGet running without its own native SSL (SecureControl) behind an NGinx reverse proxy that sets up SSL over all directories on the domain. Sickrage is installed at webroot /sickrage and the NZBGet installation is running behind NGinx at /nzbget on localhost ip address I’ve configured Sickrage (and Radaar, Lidaar and Readaar for example) with the settings and it only appears to be Sickrage with the issue.

I dug around in the config.db (c:/user/userid/AppData/roaming/Sickrage/config.db with a SQLite browser and noted the password in the NZBGet table doesn’t match the password I provided in the interface. It is either hashed or wrong. So, I tried to replace it with the unhashed text value of the password and it caused a failure of Sickrage putting it into a config.db integrity check loop. Reversing the text change to the previous value restored the service.

I have installed SickRage several times today from scratch and it is running fine in all other aspects. Just keep getting this error now: NZBGet Protocol Error: Bad Request

Hope this helps.


I would not suggest digging into the db file with sqlite, all the sensitive info is encrypted so changing it will cause a db corruption issue, I use SR with transmission in my cluster at home in a similar reverse-proxy setup and never have I had an issue, so I suspect its something with the code it self in SR that I will need to fix, I’ll spin up a copy of NZBGet in my cluster so I can recreate the issue as well and proceed from there.


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