Can't auth into local server, but forum auth is fine?

Arch Linux running the package from AUR which users this build. Previously working since the migration. All of the sudden I can’t auth to get into my local instance. I try and just get served the page again. Forum wuth is fine, obviously.

Anyone else experiencing this? Thanks.

Yes, I’m on a ReadyNAS installation but seeing the same indications.

Same here, running Ubuntu 16.04 version and getting the same .

Yup well aware of the issue and working to restore it, has to do with the API server, will need to migrate that service into the cloud as well.

Should be good till I get home, maxed storage out for API server

Can you please update the status page?

Issue was resolved last night

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Thanks so much! You’re always so quick to resolve issues, very appreciated!

I’m gonna take time over the weekend to tune things in better, need to understand why this happened so we can try to prevent it occuring again.

Is there anything we as end users can do in this situation - from maybe using the API to interact with the local system to notifying you via some other medium than the forum?

Currently the way it works is the app registers its ID via the API server with the SSO server linking you’re account to it first time you sign into the app, thinking thats not really required as we could just link the account ID to the app instead after first successful login taking the API server out of the equation all together for registration and validation and instead have the app validate access to it self, SSO still would be required just the API server would be one less possible failure point causing lockouts.

I’ll proceed with going ahead on this idea and issue a update out later this weekend after I take some time to test it first.

OK, I’ve now pushed a update out that allows the app to verify account linkage instead of the API, also I increase SSO timeout to 30 days which should allow access to the app incase event you’re internet goes out so long as you have auth’d in a 30 day window.

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@echel0n Hi, i cant login to my sickrage install, i havent use it for like 57 days.
i can log in here (as you can see;) ) but not to my local instal.
what should i do?

Are you on the latest version ?

@echel0n i dont know, i cant login :confused:
but there were some reboots, if it has auto upgrade at start, then yes. but im not sre.

Any chance I could get SSH access to this? If so please PM me the details, thanks!

@echel0n i did pm you, could you pls check it?

I don’t have any PM’s from you, please re-send whatever it is you sent before, thanks!

@echel0n sent it again.

i need 20 characters :wink: