Cannot start Sickrage on WIndows

About 2 days ago I tried to get to the Sickrage page on my Windows PC and it just does not load.

The url is basic,

Anyone else having issues? Can I check log files? If so, which?

I tried to start and I see this

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “C:\SiCKRAGE\”, line 356, in main
File “C:\SiCKRAGE\sickrage\”, line 234, in start
File “C:\SiCKRAGE\sickrage\core\”, line 1375, in load
File “C:\SiCKRAGE\sickrage\core\helpers\”, line 190, in decrypt_string
return zlib.decompress(decrypted)
zlib.error: Error -5 while decompressing data: incomplete or truncated stream


Anyone else having this issue?

delete config.ini and that will resolve the issue, latest version 9.4.194 resolves corrupt config.ini file issues so be sure to upgrade to that version as well.

Sorry but it could not find a config.ini file in the Sickarge folders. Do you know where it might be located? Thanks again.

check c:\sickrage folder

I do not see config.ini in that folder. iI see setup.cfg, is that it?

check under you’re user folder and then .sickrage folder inside it

Hi the current windows version looks like 9.4.193. Is that correct?

Latest installer version is 9.4.194

It’s not replacing the files are I delete them. I might just have to do a remove all and clean install

It’s working again. Thanks for your help