Cannot restore file from an old sickrage instance?

Hello I’m on synology DS116 with DSM -.2.2-24922 update 4.
I just installed this new sickrage with python 3.5.6-8 because my old sickrage did not find tvdb anymore.
I did a backup, then attempted a restore on the new version, but after doing so, sickrage will not restart, so is there a way to restore an old backup or I need to set up everything manually ?


This was my old SickRage Info:

Branch: master

Commit: 0e727649748ec38c5bba69f3f97c9e7b794d56df

Version: v2018.07.21-1

Database Version: 44.0

Python Version:

2.7.14 (default, May 28 2018, 15:06:18) [GCC 4.9.3 20150311 (prerelease)]

That version of SR is unofficial and not supported by us, you would need to re-import you’re existing video library and re-do all you’re settings going forward.

Too bad, thanks for the answer !

I also don’t know about this, thanks for your answer