Can you add to your list of providers?

Testing out their Usenet services and would like to use Sickrage with them. New to Usenet so trying it all out.

As far as I know Eweka isn’t an NZB search provider, they’re just a Usenet provider, right?

Unless I misunderstand, you’d want to add Eweka to your NZB client (the thing SickRage hands off the search results to, to download the NZB/content).

Like I use SABnzbd, so I add Eweka there, and SickRage searches my NZB providers (e.g.DrunkenSlug), finds the thing I want, passes it off to SABnzbd, which downloads the NZB content via Eweka’s Usenet service.


Thanks for that reply Poki, much appreciated. Still leaning about the Usenet system. NZBGeeks is an indexer I’m trying now with not much luck, Won’t authenticate my new account but I digress. If you have any good recommendations on indexers paid or ideally free, let me know! has a free account (limited amount of api/searches though)

I mainly use but I think their registration is closed, though I think I can invite people. They also have a free account with limitations on number of API hits etc, so if you’re trying to search a lot you may want to get a paid account.