Can not login to Sickrage


  • When I log in to sickrage I get a screen only loggin out
  • on the key cloak my credentials are not oke.
    Compete new install
    registrated with a different e-mail Nono of those work

did you verify your email address ?

not from the second registration. The first worked well until, I think server problems.
can you remove both registrations on my email addresses?

removed as you requested

stopped Sickrage, started again and entered my credentials. Getting message and only choice of log off (see image)

it is working again. With a different email adres and fiddling around a bit.
I had problems adding the schedule to Ical and found a solution. but after a re-installation I can not think how I did this (you had to dust of your MacBook) Can’t find it in my mailbox. Can you tell me what the solution was?

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