Bug: Search Providers not saved



I have a strange bug. I want to configure morethantv search provider. So I enabled it and then went to the Provider Options Tab and this is still empty. After I reload the page I can configure morethantv. But after saving this, all providers except of Horrible Subs are gone. After I restart sickrage the settings are back to default (no providers active).

Can somebody make sense of this?

Thanks for your help


I’ll check in a few hours


Checking into this now


I’m unable to reproduce this issue, can you shoot me you’re config.ini via email to [email protected]


Also what browser are you using ?


Just sent an e-mail with the config.
I’m using latest Chrome on Mac. But the sickrage server is running on Ubuntu 16.04.


Pushing fix for this issue out now, please test/confirm if this resolved the issue