API key is not saved

i saw a lot of shows not downloaded, and lookinbg into it it seems that the api key is miising, so i put it in again, but… after saving, ik get again the warning api not provided…

is there a bug or do i need to do something else…

what version are you on right now? and what provider will not save the API key?

in the updater file it says

and the providers are Althub and NZBFINDER

k, I’ll check further into this, thanks!

did you got time to look into this, sickrag is not usable whitout the API

latest version works for API keys and custom Newznab providers, I just tested this without issues, can you please confirm.

the latest i can download is the same when i start up it says update available 10.0.55, but after updating the servive is starting, started starting started, flipping.
removed all data and maps and downloaded again (still it sais, it works ( but nt the API) and again i hget update to 10.0.55

would be nice if i can download that version manually

triedeverything but keeps doing the same flipping on the service again if i upgrade

What platform do you have SR installed on?

platform I use is windows

OK, let me check into whats going on with the Windows installer

fixed issue with Windows installer not being updated, please confirm.

i still got the 50.1 version when i download from the site

try clearing your cache - https://sickrage.ca/downloads/windows/SiCKRAGE-

got it , will install …

Can you confirm that the Newznab API key issue is resolved?

I confirm on my machine just updated that the Custom Newznab API key is saved properly though I am not the OP.

I am using that feature with Jackett and it appears to work now. Many thanks.

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