American Dad! Search and Snatch wrong season

American Dad! is listed as S17 in Sickrage (and online) but for some reason is searching for the same episode numbers in S16. It’s not been able to find S17E13 at all (i.e. it’s searching for S16E13) and has downloaded the latest S17E14 but labelled it S16E14 and downloaded the .srt which corresponds to actual season 16 ep 14.

I’ve attached some screen shots, the python console shows it searching for S16, but the sickrage log shows it search for S17… confusing.

As you can see Season 17 Episode 13 scene numbering is actually Season 16 Episode 13, this is why its searching the way it is.

On our develop branch you can choose the search format to be either standard (S17E13) or scene (S16E13), I still need to make a slight adjustment to it as regardless of the search format chosen it still defaults to scene numbering, once I make the changes I will push them out to the develop branch and then hopefully merge to master branch sometime this weekend.

I don’t have Scene Numbering as a field/column on my UI so didn’t see that, thanks for the clarification.

I know American Dad had some season numbering issues from providers following the writers strike a few years ago, thanks for the update!

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So at some point today Sickrage snatched S17E13 - assuming you had something to do with that, cheers!

I did nothing on my end, was still working on the code to resolve this actually, i will reply back once its ready for testing.

Oh, interesting. Cheers