Added shows don't appear in the show list

Today I tried to add two shows (Temple 2019 and Kin 2021). After adding this two shows don’t appear in the show list. Is there maximum number of the shows? I have 57 shows listed.

synology docker SR 10.0.45

I’ll check into this now, one other person reported the same issue.

OK, found the issue, will be pushing out a fix shortly

Fix is out now, please confirm this is now resolved.

Thank you! I can confirm that SR is adding shows properly.

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I have a fresh windows install. I added several shows but my show list page wont load. It keeps sending me back to the addShows page. Any thing that could help is greatly appreciated.

Same here. Running docker image 10.0.46 - when adding new show either nothing happens or got this warning “Unable to look up the show in /tv/Good Omens on TheTVDB using ID 359569, not using the NFO. Delete .nfo and try adding manually again.” /tv/Good Omens is actual foulder on my hdd but its nothing (even hidden files). Don’t get about .nfo files - where are they located?

What version of SR is installed?

I am running SR Version: 10.0.46
I am also getting that same error Delete .nfo as vladimir.

OK, I’ll look into the issue regarding adding existing shows.

OK, I’m not able to reproduce this issue, I added Good Omens and then removed it, I can see the tvshow.nfo file without issues

I too am having the issue on my Synology NAS. I am running version 10.0.45. This used to work. I have added a few programs and they are not showing in Sickrage.

where these existing shows?

Yes, they where. I have upgraded to latest version and tried again and it seems to have worked.

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