Add existing directory isn't searching correctly

Now that I’ve got SiCKRAGE up and running, I’m trying to get it to examine my existing Plex directory (network drive, mounted as P:/. I am running on Win 10, version 10.0.69.

When I go Add Shows → Add Existing Shows, then go to add a directory,I see the following behavior:
1: The “New” button only shows me C:, D:, and E:\ as drives, not P:. I can enter the path (i.e. P:\TV) and it accepts it, but I’m not sure it’s doing the right thing.
2: When I click “Submit”, nothing happens, the button changes color briefly to indicate a click and nothing kicks off. I would’ve expected a scanning process to start on the directories I’d entered.

Thanks in advance for the support.

Never mind, I figured it out. It’s an issue with Windows 10 network shared drives - if I run SiCKRAGE as my user from a command prompt it works, but the service itself does not work correctly. I can work around this. Thank you!

you can specify the service to run as your user to fix that as well