10.0.65 Nuked Database

Upgrade attempt and it nuked the entire setup…

My fault for not taking a backup prior.

So not enjoying having to re-add each show.

Is it possible the service ran as a different user before, this latest install would of changed the service settings, let me know please.

I don’t have any other users on this system, just the one.

I didn’t loose anything, really, just annoying have to re-select each show.

Actually I found the problem as to why this happened, I’m going to push out a new release to resolve it.

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This is now fixed in 10.0.66, new installer is being pushed out now.

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Can you please when you have time, confirm latest version has resolved your issues?

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Upgraded to 10.0.66 and retained the settings.

I also did a back up this time before hand :wink: